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Heating & Cooling

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At VHC Van Hoecke Contracting Inc., we offer custom Scheduled Maintenance Programs (SMP) for both Residential and Commercial Customers, which will keep your heating and cooling equipment running at peak performance levels.   Many of our customers use our standard SMP program which includes a Spring, Mid-Summer, Fall and Mid-Winter Inspection, which we recommend to keep your mechanical equipment running at it’s very best.   Our SMP Customers gain valued Program Benefits, which include the following: 

  • Discount on all diagnostic fees (during regular business hours)
  • Priority Service
  • Increased System Life
  • Validation to Warranties
  • Improved Safety
  • Reduction of Break-Downs
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reminders of up-coming SMP appointments

Our Preventative Maintenance Programs are Customizable and include the following for our visits:

For Cooling SMP’s completed in the Mid-Spring and Summer:

  • Inspection of the Evaporator Coil
  • Clean/Rinse Outdoor Condenser Coils
  • Check Capacitors
  • Inspect/Tighten all Wiring and their Connections
  • Check Refrigerant Levels
  • Inspection of the Contactors and Capacitors
  • Check all AMP draws
  • Inspection of all Belts
  • Inspection of fan motors and wheels
  • Lubricate Fan Motors
  • Clean/Blow Out of the Drain Lines
  • Check the operation of the Sequencer
  • Check all fuses
  • Check the Temperature Differential Across the Coil for Cooling
  • Check for the Correct Super-heat & Sub-cooling for the most optimal performance
  • Inspection of the Controls and Safeties to insure they are functioning properly
  • Inspection of the Thermostat Operation
  • And finally, we will change all the Air Filters

For Heating SMP’s completed in the Fall and Mid-Winter:

  • Inspection of the Heat Exchangers for Cracks
  • Check for gas leaks at Furnace
  • Test for Dangerous Carbon Monoxide
  • Inspect for proper gas pressure coming in and out of the gas valve
  • Inspection of the Igniter for wear and proper operation
  • Inspection/Tightening of all Electrical Connections
  • Clean and Adjust Burners
  • Inspection of Flue Pipes
  • Check AMP Draws
  • Check the Blower Motor and Wheel
  • Check Temperature rise of the Furnace
  • Inspection of Thermostat to insure proper operation
  • Heat Pump Specific
    • Check Refrigerant Levels
    • Check for correct Superheat and Sub-cooling
    • Inspect Emergency Heat Operation
  • And Once Again we will change all the Air Filters

VHC will also perform SMP Inspections of Boilers, and perform Boiler Start-Ups, Repairs, and Testing.

Of course each of our SMP customers will be provided with a written evaluation and any recommendations we have to help your equipment to run it’s very best.

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